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Photos from the October 2019 Press Conference in Hartford, CT

press conference press conference press conference press conference
press conference press conference press conference

October 18, 2019
Gwen Samuel, President
203-443-3203 /

Parents and Taxpayers Hold Press Conference Following Billionaire's Social Experiment Called Partnership For Connecticut Inc. For Connecticut Public Schools

(Connecticut Students are Now Labeled Net Contributors or Net Detractors of Society based on Ray Dalio's Radical Transparency Principles of metrics, algorithmic decision-making, and metric-based accountability rating )

Today October 18, 2019: The “Secret Deal” Partnership For Connecticut Inc. will have its first public meeting at 8:00 am – 11:00 am 4 Science Park, New Haven CT.

11:15 am Post Meeting Press Conference in front of 4 Science Park, New Haven will be hosted by Connecticut Parents Union, concerned taxpayers and voters demanding that no private or public entity should ever be exempt from our State’s Freedom of Information and public disclosure laws. In addition, no private entity should have access to any public- school child’s private student records.

Why Does Transparency Matter? The Freedom of Information Act helps keep our government transparent and accountable to the people of Connecticut.

In June of 2019, the Connecticut General Assembly Majority legislators voted YES to a new state law Public Act 19-117, Section 183 (page 219 of 500). This new law is centered on a $100 million “gift” from billionaire hedge funder Ray Dalio and his philanthropic enterprise and a $100 million taxpayer match to strengthen public education in Connecticut. This more private than public deal is called the Partnership For Connecticut Inc. Mr. Dalio’s Radical Transparency Principles consist of scientific "metrics, algorithmic decision-making, and metric-based accountability" for our state’s urban schools.

Please note, the Majority Connecticut legislators voted YES to honor the Radical Transparency Principles guru Ray Dalio’s one request in order to receive their $100 million dollar strings-attached “gift”.

Ray Dalio and his more private than public Partnership for Connecticut Inc. entity wanted to be “fully exempt” from Connecticut’s transparency and public disclosure laws and our lawmakers granted his wish! Which means, in a nutshell, they could have full access to our public school children and their private student data and full access to our state’s checkbook to spend our $100 million-plus taxpayer match any way they see fit - even if it goes against the will of Connecticut taxpayers and parents!

#### Gwen E. Samuel
President and Founder
Connecticut Parents union
Mobile: 203-443-3203

"Taking responsibility for our children’s K12 academic and life journey is something we must do, not something that is done for us – but with us.” – Gwen Samuel, Founder of the Connecticut Parents Union.

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